Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordsmithery, Part II

I blogged about my daughter's writings here previously.

So, how 'bout a sequel? Sounds good to me.

I stated then I wished I could write as well as she could. And I stand by that statement.

For your consideration and
without further ado once more:

    - I was worried because I left my school agenda at home.

    - After I said farewell to my friends, I endured the long trip home.

    - We raised a large crop of cornfield which is next to the pond.

    - Come and see the wide and beautiful canyon.

    - I escaped from the huge smoke of fire but the firemen had to save my mom's life.

    - The dark mysterious giant got hurt in the morning.

    - When Joe was doing his chores, he found a crack on the wall.

    - It's an hour away before school ends.

    - At school they had a lesson about Thanksgiving.

    - At art class, we painted clay and used a needle to sew scraps together.

    - My mom said "Don't write on the kitchen table."

    - My ancestors were delighted when I made them a pie.

    - After I ate a crispy cookie, I went to play my harmonica.

    - I can't lie to my mother because she is my elder.

Of this batch, I have a few favorites I can't choose between:

    - The tornado was about to hit a third grader, but everyone scurried all about.

    - The heroic officer was talking with his mouth full.

    - Have you heard or ever seen the impossible solar system?

............................ Ruprecht ( STOP )


Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas said...

heroic officers with full mouths...hmmm..even superman's gotta eat sometime

Wildhair said...

Now it's obvious where you get your wordsmithery! YOu're copying off your daughter's homework. Shame. shame.

cajunvegan said...

I want to know more about her harmonica playing because she has future writer all ready wrapped up in a big red bow.

TopSurf said...

So I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. That girl has talent.

Devyl Gyrl said...

She has had a fine exaqmple set before her, and was obviously listening closely!